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Elevating business websites to meet the

user-centered expectations of the digital age,

one brand at a time.

Who we are

Gonsalez Design is a small creative full-service design agency based out of Seattle, WA. We provide the value of human-centered design practices, adopted by the most ubiquitous & big-name companies, to small businesses. The core services we provide are Branding, UX Strategy, and Website Design. Additional services we can offer include consulting, stationery design, copywriting, and package design. Gonsalez Design will help your business compete in your respective industry though a deep-rooted exploration and understanding of your business values and how they can be most effectively employed to your target audience.  

Our Values


We strongly believe any business brand is only as memorable and impactful as how it addresses the needs of its target audience. We take immense care to ensure we address all possible pain points someone may experience while interacting with your brand. This opens up the opportunity for you to set your business apart from industry competitors and increase your brands' digital reach. 

Our Founder

Luis Gonsalez

Luis Gonsalez founded Gonsalez Design through a desire to see more small businesses infuse the power of user-centered design into their brands.


Through a humble upbringing in rural Washington, Luis has been driven to help businesses, like those he grew up exploring, continue to thrive and compete with the global e-commerce brands of today. 

Luis is always interested in connecting with people and brands at all stages of business. You can contact him directly at

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