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LatinX in AI

Project Overview

LatinX in AI Coalition (LXAI) is a newly established organization that defines themselves as "...bridging communities, academics, industry, and politicians working to further AI innovation and resources for LatinX individuals globally." The organization aims to ensure Latinx representation in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence (AI). As a young organization working to establish themselves in Silicon Valley and around the world, they came to Gonsalez Design to help conduct the preliminary work in growing their digital presence. 

We worked closely with the founding and current board members to evaluate their UX strategy and ultimately obtain a collection of wireframes for a potentially user-centered website. To exceed expectations, we delivered not only a set of wireframes but made them interactive, allowing the board members to see how their newly designed website would function if they proceeded to develop the designs. 


  • UX Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Consulting 

The Process


The process for this project was informed by the goals LXAI set forth, namely, exploring how they can better serve their organizational members while also enticing potential members to join the coalition. To accomplish this we wanted to make sure we explored digital experiences that would bring more value to current members while also better enticing new people to join. These are the six milestones we set for the project:​

Analysis of Current Website
Analysis of Current Website_Page_03.png

Analysis of Current Website

After learning about the goals and values of LXAI, we proceeded to begin analyzing the current website for user pain points and design shortcomings. We ultimately produced a comprehensive report analyzing every webpage of the existing website for review by the organization.

Web Research & Competitive Analysis

Web Research &

Competitive Analysis

The next step in the process consisted of evaluating the desired functionality of a new LXAI website and possible implementation strategies. The industry standard for this stage of the design process involves conducting a competitive analysis. This analysis allows us to see how other websites have addressed similar functionality and lets us draw inspiration from these established design implementations. 

Web Research Report_Page_10.png
User Personas

User Personas

Next, to adequately consider the needs of various types of potential users, we created user personas of three very different people. Each of these personas allows us to consistently revisits the needs of users in these target groups throughout the design process.



To further build out the use context of the new website, we took our personas and explored how each user would engage with the website. Taking into consideration the needs, potential use context, and pain points of these user storyboards helped inform the design decisions moving forward.

Information Architecture
Initial Sitemap.png

Information Architecture

The information architecture often referred to as a sitemap, is the skeleton of the new website. It allows us to quickly evaluate how each page relates to the next and how a user is likely to navigate the new site. Building on our previous work, we arrived at this sitemap, which we felt would adequately fulfill the needs of our target users.

Interactive Wireframes

Interactive Wireframes

The culmination of our UX Strategy, Website Design, and Consulting work on this project led to this final deliverable - interactive wireframes. A total of 19 pages, designed to be clickable and depicting the areas where the content would ultimately live on the site. Considering the needs of the target users throughout the process, we were able to ensure the new website experience would surpass the form and function needed of the redesigned LXAI site. You can experience the interactive wireframes for yourself by clicking on the image of the wireframe home page to the right.

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